Ruskatango 2019 - OPETTAJAT


Isabel Costa & Nelson Pinto, Portugali

Nelson Pinto and Isabel Costa have been dancing together since 1997. Initially, ballroom dances and salsa, and then argentinean tango. In 2011, they won european 2nd place in the World Championship in the Stage Tango category and 2nd in the 2012 European Championships. They are choreographers and directors of the famous Ritmo Azul Company and organize several tango events in Portugal. Their teaching is clear and relaxed.

Marjo Kiukaanniemi & Timo Hakkarainen, Helsinki

Marjo and Timo, also known for their Tangotheatre Kiuta, represent the playful side of Argentine tango, and their ability to find new approaches to dancing tango is downright exhilarating. While having fun on their classes, you won't even notice when you learn something very fundamental that will make you a better tango dancer.


Pasi & Maria Laurén, Tampere

Pasi and Maria Laurén both know the human body inside out, and as a multiple national champion in Judo, Pasi knows everything about balance and how to shake or support it. Their own dancing is full of classical elegance, but they won't teach it to you - with their insight they will guide you to discover it yourself!

YouTube: ¿Quién Será? at Ruskatango 2013
YouTube: Bailemos at Canary Islands Tango Festival 2017


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